Bray & Co

Bray & Co is a marketing consultancy coming from a whole of business perspective, led by Peter Bray, that also provides creative and media services, whether that be influencer campaigns that result in massive growth for a brand, through to tactical marketing, through to campaigns that have the whole nation talking.

With experience including big brands like Procter & Gamble, General Mills and BMW, through to experience with notable startups like the high profile Poo-Pourri, MileIQ (acquired by Microsoft), and Littlstar, Peter has a track record of helping companies grow through strategic marketing backed by inspired creative and smarter media.

There are two types of clients that Peter and the team can really add value to.

The first are startups that need to accelerate their business. They may have hit a wall with regard to awareness, acquisition, or they may need to start from the beginning. Bray & Co will ensure that your brand hits your desired growth targets through proven strategy using creative and media that will scale.

The second are established companies that may have a launch of a new product or service, or need a reboot. Again, Peter’s track record shows he achieves results that only a specialist can.

The proposition is simple, our area of expertise is clear. High growth needs a different approach,  a different mindset. That is all we do.