Peter’s Approach

“Get the attribution and sequencing right, and you have the spark of a strategy” – Peter Bray

The reason I only work with high growth companies and brands is twofold.

Firstly, it is an area in which I think getting the sequencing and attribution of marketing spend right can really influence the success of a business.

Secondly, it is my belief that clients want to be able to view their marketing spend as an investment rather than a cost, and I share this commitment.

That’s why I want to help high growth clients understand what attribution model is best, build a solid marketing strategy from a business perspective, and create compelling creative that works together with data and media to produce results that align with business goals, rather than having arbitrary measures as goals.

To support this, I have a methodology that allows the balancing of brand building and acquisition. I have proven that given the right strategy clients can accurately predict the investment and outcome for either (and both) over a 2 year period. In fact, we can build a model based on your overall revenue or awareness targets, and build a marketing plan working backwards from your goals, including all media and creative required.